How enabling leave automation makes organisation efficient

Dec 16th 2019 in Organization Efficiency

Why to automate in first place

Often we come across question on why to automate. Simple reason is to focus on important task. Efficient system brings peace of mind to all the stakeholders


Leave Approval Process

Most of the corporate companies have leave policies for leave and its approval. Advantages of having a good leave policy is discussed in great detail in previous article .

In an orthodox process, Employee write an application for leave and submit to their managers, Manager then sign the application for approval and forward it to HR person in concern. HR maintain a manual book or an spreadsheet of leave entitlement and applied leave for each employee. 


  1. Time consuming approval process
  2. Lack of transparency on leave policy, can lead to confusion
  3. HR work overheads and bottlenecking




Automating Leave Approval

This can be resolved by giving the power in the hand of employees using Employee Self Service. Employee can login to HR tool and see their current leave balances.They can quickly apply for a leave by submitting an online form. HR tool can then trigger a notification to employee’s manager to approve the leave by a simple click! Once it is approved, HR can see all approved leave logs in the central system with no action required! How Simple 

Advantages for Employees

  • Paper less . Employees not keep track of all the leave balances.
  • Need not run around manages to get the leaves approved
  • Know the status of the leave on the go.
  • In case employee drop the plan, leave balance can be credited back


Advantages for Managers

  • Simple Tasks. Managers can see all pending approvals in centralized dashboard and approve leave via simple click 
  • Plan projects accordingly
  • Notified who are on leave for the day. 


Advantages for HR

  • No more Leave balance need to be maintained manually
  • Adjust Loss of Pay leave with Payroll if necessary


The Future is here

Companies are now having a paradigm shift in the way they think of leave policies. Now leave is considered as a privilege and a right for every employee. Companies encourage its people to exhaust their leave


With Robotic Process Automations (RPAs), companies can seek auto approval of leave upto their threshold limits(example auto approve leave which are less an 5days in balance and applied e weeks in advance). This enables companies to show trust in their employees for routine leave and treated as a promise. Managers will be notified on all possible leave and if it has any effect on the ongoing project. System can alarm employee if their team mates have already applied for a leave in same timeframe. 


Game changer for Employees

  • Auto approval bestows trust from the Employer
  • Quick release of reimbursement


Game changer for Companies

  • Less time consumed in verifying bills
  • Quick release of reimbursement

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