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  • Approving/Rejecting Resignation as an HR

    As an HR, you will also see the exit/resignation requests raised  by the employee and you can approve/reject the same after their manager has approved (Exit works for a 2 step approval procedure). Also, after approval you can have some specific formalities to be completed by the employee (Check if asstes have been submitted back by the employee, etc) and have a specific set of questions before exit for an employee experience in the organization.


  • Approving/Rejecting Resignation as a Manager

    As a manager, you can see all the exit requests raised by your teammates. And you can approve/ reject accordingly


  • Applying for Resignation as an Employee

    If any employee of the organization wants to resign from his position, he can simply click on the EXIT tab in the left menu and fill in the Exit form.



    After submitting the exit form it will go to approval to the manager & HR. If approved/ rejected, you will receive the email regarding that accordingly. After approval, if the HR wants, he/she can lock the user account of the HR software and you will no longer be able to access it.

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