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  • Managing Expenses as an HR

    HR can see all expenses from HR dashboard and approve /reject (Same as the manager)*
    HR can edit an expense , click pencil icon


    Settlement of Expense
    Login as HR
    Go to Expense List section from Left bar(http://staging-hcm.srijan.net/expense)
    Objective will be convert all expeses to  Approved/Accounts Pending -> Accounts Approved -> Clearing -> Reimbursed
    Select Expense and covert to Approved.

    Covert to Clearing
    Accounts department sending clearing to bank usually twice a month. This is adhoc for now.
    Select approved expenses and click "convert to clearing"
    Click on Settlement button to see the details to be send to bank

    If an employee as two expenses cleared, both expenses will be clubbed. Example. Expense for project A 1000, Project B 2000, So settlement will be 3000 for such employee
    Click "Make as Settled"  once bank confirms reimbursement of funds in accounts.
    Ideally Account department will download the settlement sheet as excel and send to bank and seek confirmation from bank
    This will clear the settlement and status be be set as 'reimbursed' with date captured ending the workflow.
    You cannot add more expenses to clearing till previous settlements are done
    Settled/ Reimbursed account cannot be edited. Hence you will not fins checkbox in the expense list.

  • Managing Expenses as a Manager

    Project manager can see expense in manager-dashboard. Can see detail by clicking on project name
    manager approve /reject from the manager dashboard.
    Edit not allowed for manager

  • Managing Expenses as an Employee

    Employee can raise expense on a project.
    Mandatory fields: Project, Expense Type, Expense file , Expense start date
    Expense can be of two Types
    Reimbursable expense will set workflow for approval for project manager and HR
    Once approved by either of them, Account will process the reimbursement
    Non Reimbursable
    Such expense will not be paid back
    No workflow will trigger for this type



    Employee selection may be needed to narrow down such expense. Its not mandatory though. Example: Flight expense paid by company for project travel
    Expense can be filed for past dates
    Editing is out of scope for employee
    Employee can see his old expense in "Finance-> My Expenses" section from Left bar
    Workflow: Create -> Pending -> Approved/Accounts Pending -> Accounts Approved -> Clearing -> Reimbursed


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