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  • Viewing Upcoming Holidays

    Upcoming 3 holidays from company holiday calendar will be visible to you on the employee dashboard.


  • Managing Leaves as HR

    As an HR, during the initial setup, you can create leave types as per your organization leave policy. And the Software will act accordingly as you have defined the leaves.



    You can also add Maternity/Paternity which is gender based and will be visible accordingly to your employee. All the leave types created by HR can be prorated, accumulated, encashable, etc and can also go in negative. You can also choose what all leaves to be shown on the employee dashboard.



    List of all the leaves created by you will be visible to you in the Leave type section on your left menu.

    As an HR you can also define / List down the annual holiday calendar of the organization which can be location specific as well.


  • Managing Leaves as Manager

    As a manager, you can Approve/Reject the leaves applied by your team members, have a look on which employee is on leave and during which time period (info visible on manager dashboard). Approve/Reject Compensatory-off requests, in case any of your team members have worked extra. And also have the access of which team member has how many leave balances before approving/rejecting their leaves.


  • Applying Leave as Employee

    As an employee you can check your leave balances, apply for new leaves, apply for a compensatory off(in case you worked extra) and also avail the compensatory-off. 



    After the employee has applied for the leave, the leave will have a two step approval process. First, the leave will be approved by your reporting manager and then it will be approved by the HR Department. In case, any of the one person rejects the leave request applied you, the leave request will be cancelled and the applied leaves will be added back to your leave balance.

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