Onboarding Help Docs | Peoplify

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  • Employee Profile

    As an employee you can update all your personal information in the Employee Details tab, upload all your certificates and documents.

    You can not edit your professional information(Other Details tab) such as your employee id, work email, reporting manager etc.


  • Managing Employees as HR

    As an HR, your role is to create employee, generate their user, edit their personal as well as professional information. An HR can View/Edit all the employee information, their files/certificates uploaded and also can bulk import/ export employee information.



     An HR has the authority to lock the user as well when the user is relieved from his job.


  • Managing Employees as Manager

    As a Manager, you can see how many employee are reporting to you, their department, work email and their contact number. As a manager you do not have full access to the employee personal of professional information.


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