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  • HR's Role in Planning

    As an HR, you hold the responsibility of firstly creating the clients


    Assign an account manager for the client so that the manager create projects related to that specific client. This feature has been given because a single client can have multiple projects running in an organization at a specific period of time. As an HR, you yourself can also create projects and perform all the responsibilities which a manager can/should perform.


    You can also create standard rate cards for your organization for various roles and also change the rate while creating the clients depending on the deals with clients. This will help in billing the clients on the basis of timesheets filled.


    Also you can define universal tasks for the projects which will be available throughout the system for your orgnization and you can decide whether they are billable or not.



    As an HR you see what all clients you have in your organization and what all projects are running and what is the status of those projects



    Also, you hold the feature of approving the timesheets directly which have been filled by employee.

  • Managers Role in Planning

    As a manager, you can create new projects from the existing clients, fill in the information, choose the team for your ongoing and upcoming projects, defines tasks, fill in the rate cards for the employee’s and define their tasks (billable / non-billable).



    A manager can also see the list of all the projects which have been assigned to you. 



    A manager holds the responsibility of approving the timesheet of his teammates from his manager dashboard. He can approve / reject / view the timesheet filled by the employee.


  • Employees Role in Planning

    In the Planning section, as an employee you have to just fill the timesheets which will only be accessible to you if you are a billable resource. Timesheet will be visible to you for the current month and an employee can fill timesheet for the projects which are assigned to him. 

    Once you have filled and submitted the timesheet, it will go to your project manager for approval and the same status will be reflected to you on your timesheet screen. 

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